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Basic structure

ScienSe is a system developed under the client-server model. In the client's side, it has a web interface, based on HTML, CSS and Javascript, that allows to manage the information contained in the system. HTML is used to organize the information of menus, forms and presentation tables. CSS is in charge of the graphical presentation to the user and with Javascript it validates the data of input and presents some elements which makes the interaction between the user with the application, easier.

On the server's side, the system has 3 main components:

The first of them is a relational database that stores information of scientific publications, the database, and all the statements that manipulate the elements contained in the database were developed using SQL92 so as to get the independence of the database manager system.

The second component is an web application in the server's side which allows to manage the information contained in the database. This application was developed using Java as programming language and the J2EE, Java Servlets and Java Server Pages technologies. The connection with the database is made by through of JDBC.

The third component is a program that creates an index of the web sites given by the user, looks for scientific publication information and stores these data in order to add them to the database later, after a previous revision of the user. It was developed using ANSI/ISO C/C++ and it makes use of the interface libraries with the POSIX system.



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