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Amanda Kisuy Chi Cerrito

A Computer Science student in the Faculty of Sciences at the UNAM. Her academic interests turn around the artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences, psychology, neuronal networks and computational algorithms. She has given courses of Analysis of Algorithms, Parallel Programming, Introduction to Computer Sciences and C Programming in the Faculty of Sciences at the UNAM.

At her 23 years, Kisuy is possessing of a great intelligence, perseverance, creativity and discipline. In spite of the problems and the uncertainties, because her father died when she was so young and since child she has had to work to gain the life, she always has been one of the best students of each one of the educative levels she has been, getting recognition to her academic excellence in several times. An interesting thing is the fact that in spite of had studied practically all the degree without having a computer at home, she got excellent grades.

Furthermore, she has shown a great interest about the science, participating, since an early age, in events such as: the Olympic Games of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry, the National Mathematics Contest Pierre Fermat, the Short Stays in the Institute of Geophysical at the UNAM within the program ``Young's Towards the Research'', the Mathematics Contest I, II and III of University Initiation, the Preuniversitary Congress of Sciences, among others, getting always a good performance everytime. She was a speaker in the ``V National Colloquy of Theory of Codes, Cryptography and related areas''. after developing, together Antonio Téllez Flores, a coding method based on neural networks.

She also enjoys of Linux Operating System and the C++, C, Java, Prolog and Scheme programming. Addict to the mathematical and inventiveness games.

In addition to the Science, her other interests turn around arts like dance, figure skating, music, theater, architecture and literature. And sports like martial arts, gymnastics, tennis and swimming.



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