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In April 2003, was carried out, an interview between the undergraduate students of Computer Science in the Faculty of Sciences at the UNAM: Amanda Kisuy Chi Cerrito and Antonio Téllez Flores with the ScD Francisco Federico Raggi Cardenas, researcher class D in the Mathematics Institute at the UNAM, in which the primary target, was to choose some of the problems that ScD. Raggi faced during his scientific performance that could be solved by a computer program, which would be developed by the students before mentioned like a social service project.

Is in this way, that exploring the different possibilities, Dr. Raggi mentions the inconvenience of, that researchers like him, cannot know who makes reference to their works, due to the great amount of time that takes doing manually the search of that information, and this originates that in most of the cases, the real proportions at the research works, get lost a little compared with those people that can take the time to make such job.

And that is the idea that gives origin to ScienSe.

With that in mind Antonio Téllez and Kisuy Chi focus to look for alternatives of solution.

The first step was to carefully make an exposition of the problem, from which be able to extract the fundamental characteristics that a software should have for being able to achieve that objective. Once obtained such requirements a field research was made in which, those software systems that fulfilled at least one of the system requirements were looked for and analyzed.

With this, the disadvantages that cause those systems do not achieve the users' expectations could be localized. This took us to redefine some of the requirements established at the beginning with the purpose of not incurring, as far as possible, on such errors.

The following step was to make another investigation, but this time, focused to find the best already existing computational technology that could be used for the system development.

Due to this search, was more fruitful from which it was hoped, it was noticed that the system expectations could grow up if it led the maximum advantage from the characteristics of the tools that would be used, this took us to again extend the system requirements.

After this, we occurred to the task of looking for a project's name. It had to reflect, as far as possible, the nature of the product , also it had to be able to attract the public to which it was directed and finally, it had to be a name easy to remember and difficult to forget. It was with these goals that the idea to call the product ``SCIENtific SEarcher'' (ScienSe) was born, that was easy to remember, common, attractive and the sufficiently descriptive.

In this stage we were ourselves forced to suspend the project by reasons beyond our control.

It was until August 2003 that we had the opportunity to retake the project, initiating with the software implementation, once we had clearly identified the different modules of the system.

Everything elapsed as it was hoped until the middle of December when we again had to stop the project, due to a series of unexpected economic conflicts. And the project continuous delay until February 2004. Although this time we would reinitiate it until culminating with the first version in May of the same year.



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