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ScienSe Features

The main characteristics of ScienSe are:

  1. It indexes documents from multiple web sites given by the user.

  2. It looks for documents in several formats including: plain text, adobe PDF, Postscript, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and HTML.

  3. It organizes and stores the searches in a relational database that fulfills the SQL.92 standard.

  4. It allows the search of the publications stored in the databases using several criteria like: name of the author, title of the publication, institution of the author, date of publication, editorial, organization, institution of publication, kind of publication, keywords or combinations of these.

  5. It has a web based interface of simple use.

  6. The indexing of the information is automatic and based on several heuristic to look for the publications and to store the information in the database.

  7. It is free software covered by the GNU General Public License.



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