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What is next...

In the following sections we will present documentation for those who want to know more about the ScienSe project, either as a end user, administrator, programmer or project's member, and even if you simply want to know more about ScienSe.

The following sections are:

  • User's guide: It contains information that will be of utility to end users of ScienSe. It speaks about the requirements and gives help to use the system in a productive way.

  • Administrator's guide: It contains the topics that will be of help to the administrator of a site that has installed or that glides to install ScienSe, it contains subjects like: installation, configuration and maintenance.

  • Programmer's guide: Is a guide that tries to orient the programmer who wants to personalize ScienSe to his particular neededs.

  • Developer's guide: Contains indispensable information for who wants to work in the ScienSe project.

  • References: It contains information about the technologies used in ScienSe.

  • FAQ: It contains answers of first hand to frequently done questions about the ScienSe project.



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