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Getting help and support

There exist different ways in which you can obtain aid and support for ScienSe, we listed them in the order in which we considered that you should use them to facilitate the work for finding the answer.

  1. Search in the contextual help: In generally each part of the application counts with contextual help, and considering that we have worked so that the application can be of simplest use as possible, there are great possibilities that your doubt can be solved checking the contextual help.

  2. If you could not find the answer to your doubt, you can review the FAQ, where it is possible that you find a solution to your problem or doubt.

  3. In case that you have not found the solution yet, you can review the help section that comes with the system so as to see if you find there the answer to your question.

  4. The following step is to contact yourself with the administrator of your system in order to see if he can help you.

  5. If either the previous thing is not possible or you are the administrator or your problem could not be solved then visit the web page of the project http://sciense.sourceforge.net and go to the help and support section, probably you will find the solution to your problem there.

  6. If in that point you did not find solution you should ask in the forums or mail list of support so as to see if somebody else can help you.

  7. If all this fail do not get hopeless, try to solve the problem by yourself, consider that with ScienSe you have access to the source code such as you are able to solve the problems that appear. And report the problem or error to the list of errors in order to be able to give solution as quick as possible, this way you will be cooperating with the improvement of this software.



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