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Getting support

You can get support for ScienSe in several ways, we recommend you to follow the next steps, if you find any problem.

  1. To read this guide, it is probable that here you might find the solution to your problem.

  2. To review the FAQ in the administration section.

  3. To visit the projects' web page, http://sciense.sourceforge.net, and to go to the help and support section, probably, you will find the solution to your problems there.

  4. If in that point you did not find the solution, then ask in the forums or support mail lists so as to see if somebody else can help you.

  5. If it is not, do not get hopeless, try to solve the problem by yourself, consider that with ScienSe you have the access to the source code, thus you are able to solve the problems that appear. And report the problem or error to the errors list in order to be able of giving solution as quickly as possible, in this way you will be cooperating with the improvement of this software.



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