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Security details

Aside from using the security mechanisms of the objective operating system and from the applications that ScienSe uses, within the application we have thought about the security of the system.

Being the problems of buffer overload, the memory leak and the send of invalid data three of the main causes that harm the security of the systems, we have paid special emphasis on these points.

With respect to the buffer overload and the memory leak we used Java in the web application, this language has mechanisms of Exceptions and Handling of memory that diminish these problems. As well, we have meticulously reviewed the memory leak in htsciense that is written in C++ and we used the class string of the Standard Template Library, which also contains mechanisms that help with the buffers overload and memory problems.

With respect to the send of invalid data, in the web application, we validated the data with Javascript for making the web interface richer and also we validated the data at the application level, anticipating with that the send of invalid data by modifications to the forms, or re-writings of urls. In htsciense, the input data are verified again and there are mechanisms that allow to control the modifications or errors in its execution environment.



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