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The documentation

One of the policies of ScienSe's development is to document all the source code so as to facilitate the revision and modification to this software. The documentation process should be made following the Javadoc standard of documentation for the code as in Java as in C++, since the use of this tool allows the automatic generation of documentation in-line for the diverse APIs.

In addition to the documentation of the source code, it is important to count with all the documentation about the development process using the UML language. Also the design of the database should be documented, by the tables and the entity-relation diagrams so as to make easier the queries design process.

The user documentation should be divided in two parts, on one hand, the documentation that contains the application should not contain information too much specific that can tend to change with facility. This type of information must be added to the help and support section of the ScienSe's Web site.



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