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The checking process

Once htsciense has carried out the indexed process, it begins to store the data collected to the relational database. This process can be made with or without revision. The revision must be carried out, because the algorithm that identifies the information of the publications could not find the correct data always, due to the articles in the network are in a great variety of formats.

When the revision takes place, the publications are stored in the database for their later consultation, although it also exists the option to store the data without revision, this can be required, for example when we do not have enough time for making that revision and we want to obtain benefit of the information as rapidly as possible. It is possible to indicate that when the data have not been reviewed, these are stored in a temporary database, previous revision, can go to the database with the reviewed information.

With this we get several advantages of the automatic indexed, but at the same time it is guaranteed that the information of the database is reliable.



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