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Installing ScienSe

The installation depends on if you got ScienSe in a war or a rpm format.
If the application was gotten in a rpm format, you should executes the following command:

rpm - ihv htsciense-1.0-i386.rpm sciense-1.0-noarch.rpm

and the application will be installed and working, if you want to check it, you only have to open the application in tomcat with the context path /sciense.

If the application was obtained in a war format you must follow these steps.
  1. Open the Tomcat manager in the following url:


    Note: Port 8008 can vary depending on the Tomcat installation.

  2. Go to the option of ``War file to display'', after that select the sciense.war file and press the button ``display''.

  3. The application will be installed in the context trajectory /sciense.
In general, the default configuration values of the ScienSe application will work well in most of the cases, although they can be modified so as to adapt them to your requirements. Most of the configurations related to Tomcat are located in the files ``/sciense/web/WEB-INF/web.xml'' and ``/sciense/web/META-INF/context.xml''.

The parameter that must be changed is the related one with the access password to the database that is in the file context.xml.



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