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Processes executed by ScienSe

It is important that the system administrator knows about the processes executed by this software, so that in the case that one suspects a instruction in the operating system, he can detect which are not the normal processes executed by this program, moreover being an application as ScienSe which complexity requires of the execution, sometimes in simultaneous form, of a great amount of programs. The processes that are executed with ScienSe are the following ones:

  1. postmaster. The postgresql server.

  2. httpd. The Web server apache.

  3. Java: The tomcat server.

  4. wget: Is encharge to download articles of the network to be analyzed.

  5. htsearch: A CGI program for searching in the index.

  6. Htload, htsciense, htdump, htmerge, rundig, htfuzzy, htnotify: Applications of the htsciense suite.



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