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Searching publications

  1. Go to the section called ``Internal Searching'' of the left frame.

  2. Select in the pull-down menu the option: ``Search Publication''.

  3. If within the higher right frame does not appear the page for searching the publications, your browser possibly does not have javascript support or it has it deactivated, in such case press the ``Go'' button that is under the pull-down menu.

  4. Select in the pull-down menu, the type of publication that you want to search. By default it searches in all the types of publication.

  5. Select the type of searching in the pull-down menu, by default the search is by keyword.

  6. Write the text to be looked for in, the text square, this text must of being according to the selected type of search. The search is done taking the elements that begin with the text to look for. This square accepts the symbol '%' that shows the elements of the database alphabetically sorted depending on the type of search.

  7. In case that you feel confused when filling any data, select with the Mouse the symbol '?' that this next to the data and will appear a contextual aid, either in form of an emergent window or of a web page depending on the javascript support of your browser.

  8. Once you have finished selecting the criteria search and have written the text to be looked for, press the ``search'' button. You can also clean the fields by pressing the ``clear'' button.

  9. If you did not fill the text field, either an emergent window or an error page, depending on the javascript support of your browser, will be displayed warning it to you.

  10. If the text field was filled, a page with the results of the search will appear. If there were results, they will be showed five by five, and at the end of the page the searching form is shown again. Each one of the fields with the results has a button called ``More Information...'' that shows detailed information of the publication according to its type, within this information there are also, the number of publications that it refers and the number of publications that referred it. These results are displayed as a link that when selecting it, shows such publications.

  11. This finishes the search for publications process.



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