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Preparing the environment

After analyzing the software and hardware requirements, the following step is to obtain the necessary software. Most of the requirements are already installed in your system if you chose to use the default platform. In this section we will only talk about the components that in our opinion are the most difficult to obtain or that are not available in most of the systems and again taking as bases the default components.

If you wish to install other components and find some problem, we recommended you to visit our Web site in the help and support area, it is possible that there you can find help about that matter. We would like also that in case that you install successfully, the system in platforms where we have not made tests, to notify us in order to add your experiences in the help and support section.

    1. Installing the software required
    2. Configuring PostgreSQL
    3. Configuring Apache
    4. Configuring htsciense
    5. Configuring Tomcat



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